U360 Experiential Education - Root360

U360 is an experiential education program designed to give college students real-world exposure to the field of sustainable business. Through U360, students use the Root360 survey to engage with small businesses nationwide, and learn how to apply general sustainability principles to individual business models.

After a series of trainings, which combine career skills development with sustainability concepts, students reach out to small businesses they’ve researched to interview them about their current practices. At the end of the semester, each student creates a Case Study and Sustainability Action Plan and presents it to a panel of small business professionals from the community for feedback and discussion. (More information for Students can be found here.)

U360 Experiential Education - Root360

U360 gives colleges and universities a key tool to position their students for post-graduate opportunities. Says University of Southern Maine sophomore Brook, “Participating in the U360 program has allowed me to experience the realities of a career in sustainable business, and I’m looking forward to using the numerous skills I have learned from this program and apply them to my future goals.” (More information for Colleges can be found here.)

The U360 program:
  • Helps students develop and strengthen professional skills, such as communication, networking, time management, interviewing and public presentations.
  • Gives students the opportunity to create relationships with business owners prior to entering the workforce
  • Teaches students how to apply general sustainability principles to specific businesses
  • Deepens students’ understanding of practical sustainability through real-world experiences
  • Trains the next generation to address the complex environmental challenges they will face

U360 Experiential Education - Root360The participating businesses also benefit from this program. U360 deepens the business’s engagement with Root360 concepts, as the student interview turns the benchmark survey into a thought-provoking conversation. Says Joe Walsh, President of Green Clean Maine, “By asking the right questions, this group of bright, eager and unassuming students have helped me productively reflect on some of the most important issues facing my business.” (More information for Businesses can be found here.)

If you would like more information about U360, please contact Lora Winslow at lwinslow@manomet.org.

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