Impact Calculators

Impact Calculators for Energy, Water & Transportation - Root360Quickly estimate your business’s annual resource use and cost with the Root360 Impact Calculators for energy, water, and travel/transportation. You can also see projected reductions in resource use, annual cost, and greenhouse gas emissions that could be achieved by making simple changes to equipment or behavior.

The Root360 impact calculators are a starting point. Our goal is to provide an easy way for a wide range of businesses to estimate resource use and visualize potential savings. Each impact calculator can be used independently or in combination with the others, and requires just a few inputs. Once you sign up, you will find instructions for the calculators, but this is all you will need:

  • ENERGY: Utility bills for both electricity and fuel(s) (i.e. oil, propane, and/or natural gas)
  • WATER: Utility bill
  • TRAVEL/TRANSPORTATION: The average fuel economy of all business vehicles, annual mileage, and the number of flights taken per year (with approximate distances).


To make the calculators useful for the widest range of industries, we rely on national or industry-specific averages and assumptions; so the calculations may not be precise for all businesses. Also, if you want to dive deeper, we recommend using other quality impact calculators.


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