Additional Impact Calculators

If your business is particularly resource-intensive, you may want to experiment with other water use and carbon calculators to get a more complete picture of where your business’s sustainability improvements would be most effective. These are two of the best (and also free) alternative impact calculators that we recommend:

Business Carbon Footprint Calculator and Carbon Offsets (NativeEnergy)

This tool estimates an organization’s carbon footprint from facilities, travel, commuting, shipping, and waste. You can also purchase carbon offsets to reduce those emissions.

WaterSense Calculator (EPA)

This tool analyzes basic information about the fixtures (faucets and/or toilets) being installed or replaced with WaterSense labeled models. Based on the number of people expected to use the fixtures and other simple inputs, the calculator estimates of the amount of water, energy, and dollar savings you can expect by installing WaterSense labeled products.

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