Benchmark Survey

Small Business Sustainability Survey - Root360The Root360 Survey is a practical, easy-to-use tool that helps you evaluate your current business practices. With just under 50 questions, the survey is short, yet comprehensive; giving you valuable results in as little as fifteen minutes.

The Root360 survey is organized into three broad categories: Governance, Social, and Environment.

  • The Governance category covers a wide range of business practices and policies, such as financial planning, risk management, ‘checks and balances,’ and supply chain management.
  • The Social category covers employee training and performance practices, employee benefits, employee-led innovation and your relationship with your community.
  • The Environment category covers energy and water use, waste management, purchasing practices, and eco-friendly offerings.

Owners, operations managers, and sustainability staff are typically the best people to complete this survey. None of the questions require additional paperwork or preparation. After completing the Root360 survey, you’ll receive your customized sustainability report.

At any point, you can to come back to update your survey and see how your business has changed.


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