Tell A Better Story

With all the challenges facing businesses today, simply surviving in this highly competitive environment is a great story. Rising costs, changing consumer behavior, emerging technologies, new business models, and an unpredictable regulatory environment can create a challenging terrain for small businesses to navigate.

Nevertheless, Root360 invites you to tell a better story as you move your business forward:

  • How have you reinvented different parts of your business as you incorporated sustainable business practices?
  • What has worked well and what has not worked so well?
  • Are there new products or services you’ve introduced?
  • Have you re-imagined how you approach some basic processes or models?

To submit your company’s story for inclusion in our sustainability case studies, please send a brief description of the case and contact information to


Root360 Case Study - Green Clean Maine
“Taking the Root360 benchmark survey helped me get a true,
holistic picture of where our small company stands
on our sustainability initiatives. The resulting sustainability analysis
wraps up the process with focus and actionable takeaways.”
Joe Walsh, President
Read full case study here


Root360 Case Study - Springboard Pilates
“I came into the benchmark survey with the idea that sustainability
was just about the environment, and realized that it’s more than that;
sustainability is about how to sustain my business.
Root360 showed me the areas within my business where I can do better,
that I never even realized were important to sustainability.
Meredith Coffin, Owner
Read full case study here


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