Small business & Sustainability – Little changes you can make for big results this Earth Day

At Manomet, we affect meaningful change by engaging the key people within the natural and economic systems that profoundly impact our planet. Every day we are inspired by the steps people take to become leaders of sustainability—transforming the systems they manage from the inside-out.

Small business and sustainability – Little changes you can make for big results this Earth DayIf you work at one of the six million small businesses in this country, you have lots of opportunities to transform your piece of that larger ‘system’ and make decisions that will help your business be more sustainable. In honor of Earth Day 2016 – this Friday, April 22 – we’ve compiled some no-cost and easy-to-implement tips that your small business can use to measurably reduce its environmental impact. And as a bonus, many of the suggestions have the additional benefit of saving your business money and boosting employee engagement!

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We hope you found a few new ideas on our list. We know many, many small businesses are already taking great steps to incorporate sustainability into their operations. We’d love to hear what actions you’re taking – big and small – to make your business more sustainable. Please share below, and Happy Earth Day!

If you’re looking for even more ideas and resources for your small business, be sure to take our quick business assessment to get a better understanding of how your current business practices impact your bottom line, as well as the planet. The results from your assessment will help you improve your sustainable practices today, and make strategic decisions for a more profitable tomorrow.

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