Manomet’s Sustainable Economies Program Launches Root360

Online tool provides sustainability benchmark for small and medium enterprises in just 15 minutes

Brunswick, MAINE
Manomet’s Sustainable Economies Program announces the launch of Root360, an online tool that allows businesses to benchmark and improve their sustainable business practices. The Root360 survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and includes a tool for comparative benchmarking and an interactive analysis tool to help businesses evaluate options and make strategic decisions. There is no cost to take the survey and to receive the assessment.

“In today’s climate, sustainability is a key differentiator and provides a business with a competitive advantage – both in consumer and employee engagement, and most importantly, at the bottom line. Manomet developed the Root360 program to give business leaders a way to evaluate and improve sustainable practices, with only a minimal time investment needed to achieve meaningful data and results,” said Anthony Jaccarino, Sustainable Economies Senior Program Leader.

“Manomet’s Sustainable Economies program is dedicated to helping communities and businesses implement practices that enhance their economic viability while materially reducing their environmental footprint. Root360 delivers on that mission while also demonstrating the impact that focusing on improvements in environmental and social factors will have on the workers, customers and communities that are touched by these businesses,” added Jaccarino.

In less than 15 minutes, Root360 provides an opportunity for business owners, financial officers and operational managers to assess how sustainably “fit” they are and find out how they compare on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) spectrum. The Root360 platform recognizes that ESG is rapidly becoming an important definition for the sustainability of a business for the investment and other communities. Special features of the program include a benchmarking tool for comparative analysis and an interactive sustainability SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Analysis.

The Root360 tool was crafted specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, but organizations of all sizes are invited to participate. Impact calculators are tied to best management practices and show savings – both in cost and resources like greenhouse gas emissions, gallons of water and tons of waste.

The Root360 platform was designed by Manomet and developed by John Rooks, founder and sustainability consultant for The Soap Group and founder of the award-winning technology start-up Rapport, a cloud-based software which tracks key sustainability metrics for small and medium-sized businesses. The Root360 calculator uses the same powerful engine as the Rapport system.

To learn more about Root360 and to take the survey, visit


About Manomet Sustainable Economies
Manomet is a 45-year-old non-profit dedicated to working with partners to solve complex environmental and sustainability challenges. Through research and collaboration, Manomet builds science-based, cooperative solutions to environmental problems.  For more information, visit

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Manomet – Sustainable Economies program

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