Manomet awarded $91,000 from the EPA for Environmental Education Initiatives

u360_logoPLYMOUTH, MA – Manomet is pleased to announce that our U360 program—an interdisciplinary, experiential internship designed to foster college students’ understanding of sustainability and small business management—was recently awarded a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The award was part of the EPA Environmental Education funds for programs to educate the community and students about environmental issues. The grant was among three environmental education grants awarded in New England.

“We are incredibly grateful to the EPA for this grant to support the growth of U360,” said Lora Winslow, project manager. “One of Manomet’s key strategies has been to engage the next generation on sustainability—to prepare them to tackle key environmental issues and make informed environmental decisions, and teach them how to apply practical sustainable strategies to any business or organization. With U360’s strong focus on career skills development, U360 students are more likely to succeed in college and in the workforce.”

Manomet was awarded $91,000 to expand the U360 program to five New England colleges. Students will learn about climate change, energy, water, and toxins; practical tools for addressing these environmental issues; and how to apply this knowledge by helping small businesses improve their sustainability and reduce their environmental footprint. Up to 80 students and as many as 1200 businesses are expected to participate in the project over the course of two semesters.

Winslow added, “Through this grant, students will interview small business owners and help them to view their operations through a sustainability lens. This direct engagement with the business sector spreads the message of environmental stewardship nationwide. Thanks to the EPA, this program will have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts for the students, their communities, small businesses, and our planet.”

“We are pleased for Manomet to be able to move this project forward. The next generation and small businesses—a key segment of our economy—must be engaged to ensure the balance between a strong economy and a healthy environment,” says Andy Whitman, director of the Sustainable Economies Program at Manomet.

EPA funds environmental education projects that focus on educating teachers, students, parents or the general public about human health problems. “The projects taken on by these organizations will help make a brighter future for New England communities,” said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA’s New England office. “Young people, educators and communities taught how to address the problems and challenges of environmental protection are bound to play a part in a healthier world tomorrow.”

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Danielle Sarmir, Manomet

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